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International consignments

EcoGene now offers its complete range of DNA diagnostics to anyone in the world!

People outside New Zealand should contact the Operations Manager, Frank Molinia in the first instance to discuss service and sample labelling requirements. Once your samples are ready for shipment and an Air International Courier or flight details of a person bringing in the shipment on your behalf have been confirmed, follow these four simple steps to ensure smooth transit and receipt of your samples to us:

  1. Complete the Test Request/Quotation Form and enclose with the consignment.
  2. For biosecurity reasons, samples will be checked once they reach the New Zealand border. To facilitate rapid clearance through Customs you must attach a copy of the following both inside and outside the consignment:

*These are available from the Operations Manager, Frank Molinia
**Note there are strict regulations for exporting samples that contain dangerous or hazardous substances like ethanol. Couriers like Dangerous Goods International specialise in this service, IATA provides information on packaging of dangerous goods. If in doubt discuss whether alternative buffers or packaging can be used for your samples with the New Zealand Operations Manager, Frank Molinia

  1. Email sample details in EcoGene format to our Laboratory Director, Robyn Howitt
  2. Send samples to our delivery address below:
    Attention: Dr Robyn Howitt
    Laboratory Director
    231 Morrin Road, St Johns
    Auckland 1072